Dakota Prairie Regional Center for the Arts

The Opera House~Latte Lobby~The Studio~Old Church Theatre

Welcome to DPRCA! For 23 years, we have provided arts and cultural programming to the central North Dakota region, and we continue to thrive with the addition of new events, programs and services each season. Please enjoy our website and take a tour of our facilities and offerings!


The Niven Building was built by Wm Carson in 1910 and included 7 storefronts.  The Opera House itself was the former Adams Furniture which was donated to DPRCA twenty years ago.  The Latte Lobby building was donated to DPRCA by The Fourth Corporation which attained the building from the The Owens Family.  The Dance Studio was once Beardsley Drug and David's House of Beauty.  It suffered water damage to the point of the floor being compromised.  DPRCA aquired the building from the city of New Rockford and renovated the space to a dance studio and general art space.

What was formerly the United Methodist Church, this historic church was sold to us for a very nominal fee (basically donated).  We continue to renovate the space to be a premier performance venue in central North Dakota.  We are currently working on adding theatre seating and raised levels to provide perfect sight lines for every seat!
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